Primary Teachers and Maths Coordinators


We know that many primary teachers are not maths specialists; we weren’t ourselves for many years of our teaching careers. The aim of this area is to make it easy for you to get sound professional support for your maths teaching.

If you are a maths coordinator you may have a number of teachers who have not studied maths past GCSE, or may have done a short course at university.  You may also struggle because, as you know, many people believe they are 'no good' at maths.  If some of your teachers feel like this, then they will need extra support around the maths curriculum.

We devised our Rainbow Ladder Maths specifically for Home Educators, it is loosely based on The National Curriculum for England. We decided, however that as we were in charge we would use our knowledge of how children learn and the difficulties we had encountered in the classroom to allocate certain topics to a place we felt children would find them easier to learn. These changes are listed in detail in this document

Here are the areas of Maths that are covered on each level of our Rainbow Ladder Maths (7 Levels) with activities to offer appropriate challenge and fun.

Follow the links below to see in more detail what maths topics our Rainbow Ladder Maths contains

Rainbow Ladder Maths (Primary) 

Rainbow Ladder Maths (Lower Secondary)

The following areas of maths are covered on each level of the Rainbow Ladder

  • Number
  • Shape (Geometry)
  • All Kinds of Measure
  • Position and Direction
  • Data
  • Skills that Need Constant Practice

Other areas of the website will also be of use to you. We have general learning articles, videos and posters explaining current maths in the classroom for parents and an extensive glossary.

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