If you think we can help you with maths, please click on sign up and use this school code M4B6XHW2JQ for free access until the end of April 2024 

Anne and Pam are pleased you think they can help you. Please follow the links from this page to the area you are interested in; Parents and Carers; Home Educators or Teachers and Maths Coordinators. 

If you are interested in our Rainbow Ladder Maths (A complete maths programme for children up to the age of 14 years) please follow the links from the appropriate Home Educators Link to see examples of our focussed topic pages that each contain a number of fun activities relating to the topic; hints and tips for you to use when working with a child; essential prior knowledge and relevant vocabulary.

Following the links from our home page will allow you to see in detail examples of what you get for your £29.99


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