Maths Home Education for Primary/K-6


Our Rainbow Ladder Maths (Primary) activities have been designed to introduce your child to all areas of mathematics at an appropriate level.  It is designed in a way that makes it possible for you to work on mathematics inside or outside, wherever your child is happiest. Many activities also allow for your child to use toys and objects that are important to him/her.

As the name suggests, we have divided the activities into coloured steps on a ladder. We were keen not to assign an age or a year group to each ladder stage but to enable you, as your child’s maths facilitator to decide when to move on with confidence.

Each activity comes with essential vocabulary; hints and tips to enable you know the key learning for each activity and the knowledge that your child needs to have before starting the activity.

Each level covers all 5 areas of maths listed to the left and builds on the level before, ensuring your child is challenged appropriately.

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