Primary/K-6: All Kinds of Measure


Here we introduce your child to all areas of measure. We start building conceptual understanding by using familiar objects and your child’s own body, before moving on to introducing standard measures when appropriate. Your child will also be introduced to estimation through measurement.

As your child moves up the ladder, he/she will use measure to support his/her learning in number.

Here are all the topics covered in all areas of Measure in our Rainbow Ladder Maths


  • Using all Types of Measure in Play


  • Using non-standard Measures
  • Days of the Week
  • Months of the Year
  • Seasons


  • One Metre
  • Half and Quarter Metre
  • One Litre
  • Half and Quarter Litre
  • Kilogram
  • Half Kilogram
  • Time of Day
  • Passage of Time


  • Decimetres
  • Centimetres
  • One Kg and Half Kg
  • One Litre and Half Litre
  • 100ml
  • Using am and pm
  • Hour/Half Hour
  • Quarter Hours
  • Area (Counting Squares)
  • Perimeter (Measuring by Counting)


  • More than One Metre
  • Comparing Decimetres and Metres
  • Nearest Decimetre
  • Measuring and Drawing Lines (Centimetres)
  • Measuring to the nearest 10ml
  • How Long is a Minute?
  • Telling the Time (Digital)
  • The 24 Hour Clock
  • Area (cm²)


  • Comparing  Units of Measure
  • Weight
  • Analogue Clocks
  • Analogue and Digital Time
  • Measuring Smaller and Larger Areas
  • Perimeter (In Centimetres)
  • Investigating Area and Perimeter
  • Area of Compound Shapes


  • Everyday Time
  • Investigating Area and Perimeter

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