Meet The Authors - Pam and Anne

Pam and Anne of Inspiring to Inspire

Anne and Pam have been colleagues and friends for many years and are both fully qualified primary teachers.

While working as primary maths specialists, they believed that self esteem was fundamental to a child's attainment in maths. They realised how important a positive attitude to maths from everyone involved with each child was.

They started to investigate why so many of the children they worked with had a ‘can’t do maths’ attitude. During a ‘light bulb’ moment they decided that supporting parents would be an effective way of tackling this issue.

After speaking with parents of primary age children they saw a need for up-to-date, mathematically sound and easily accessible information about primary maths. This website was born! 

While promoting their website at the Education Show in Birmingham, UK, Anne and Pam were approached by many visiting Home Educators asking for curriculum support with maths.  They responded to these requests by creating their Rainbow Ladder Maths program that supports Home Educators in facilitating their child’s maths learning using real world objects and activities. This then makes maths concrete and relevant to each child.


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