Secondary/7-9: Project Based Maths


In order to present maths concepts in an interesting way we decided to group them together and devise 2 projects for each rung.   Each project has no time limits, so your child can take as long as he/she needs to complete it.

Project-based learning for maths involves the introduction of challenging problems. Project-based learning students are allowed the experiences of real life problems, using their own unique approach.

In project-based learning, students will:

  • gather information about the problem
  • decide how to approach finding a solution
  • decide the types of activities that will be involved
  • analyze the information, breaking it down into the pieces
  • put the information together in new ways--create new information
  • decide how to use the obtained knowledge in the problem
  • apply interdisciplinary knowledge to the problem (for example, using science and social studies knowledge to help solve a math problem)
  • produce something that shows how they applied their knowledge, and what they have learned
  • communicate their results in an effective manner

Essentially, project-based maths, or, as it is often referred to, problem-based maths, involves the creation of a real-life situation (or a historical or imaginary one that simulates a real-life possible situation) that will illustrate certain mathematical principles.


Project One - Going on a Quest


  • Interpreting Tables
  • Multi-line Bar Line Graphs
  • Points of the Compass
  • Drawing to Scale
  • Looking at Scale on Maps
  • Drawing a Map to Scale



  • Writing a Quest
  • Writing a Diary
  • Descriptive Writing
  • Making an Advert


Food Technology

  • Making an Energy Bar


Art and Design

  • Designing an Energy Bar Wrapper


Project One - Going on a Holiday


  • Conversion Graphs
  • Bearings
  • Scale
  • Constructing Pie Charts



  • Writing to Persuade
  • Writing to Inform
  • Writing an Argument


  • Healthy Eating



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