For Parents: Activities that will help your child


This section we originally called Kitchen Table Maths and our idea was to show you that maths is all around if only you know where to look. No special equipment is required, it can all be done with everyday items.

Here are some fun activities to do just because you can!

  • Empty Box Maths
  • Counting using Rhymes
  • Maths is all Around Us
  • Number Bonds
  • Grouping and Sharing
  • Counting Forwards and Back
  • Addition and Subtraction of Small Numbers
  • Counting Songs
  • Time of Day
  • Ordinal numbers
  • Beginning Counting
  • Beginning to Record Counting
  • Beginning to Measure Length
  • Beginning to Measure Mass (Weight)
  • Beginning to Measure Capacity
  • Beginning to Measure Time

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