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Partitioning and Re-combining Numbers

This is a simple diagrammatic representation of the meaning of these two terms. Again it is useful to link the two words when working with your child. Here one is the opposite (inverse) of the other.

Partitioning is a fairly new term within the maths curriculum.  It means the same in maths as it does in life. If you build a partition you split a room into two.  In maths partitioning is linked to numbers and it simply means to split a number into its component parts.

Any number can be partitioned: For example 27 can be partitioned into 2 tens and 7 ones. Or even 1 ten and 17 ones or 432 can be partitioned into 4 hundreds, 3 tens and 2 ones

Re-combining is like taking out the room partition; the number like the room comes back together again.

Your child will need to be able to do this fluently in order to be able to perform calculations in the four operations.