Inspiring to Inspire Maths


Maths all Around Us - A Country Walk

This video shows how opportunities for maths language and thinking are all around us. Once you get used to spotting them you can ensure your child sees maths as fun.

This is what we find so amazing about maths, once you get used to spotting them, there really are opportunities for maths practice everywhere. It doesn't have to be the current maths your child is working on but can be anything you know they have learnt in the past. It is good practice to keep mathematical skills sharp and activities such as these help to do that.

Whenever I (Anne) get the chance to be out and about with my granchildren I do things like this all the time. What I try to do is keep sharp those skills I know are so important, regardless of what they are currently learning. My oldest granddaughter is smart, she knows when we walk to the park that the maths questions are coming. To keep her on her toes, and interested, I have to make sure I ask different questions each time! Before I started to do that I realised she had the answer ready for me before I asked the question! Sometimes we count the trees, sometimes it's the cars parked by the road and sometimes we dont even count, we look at the shapes we can see or do something entirely different!