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Developing: Fractions 3 (Comparing to division)


halves, thirds, quarters

sixths, eights, twelfths

fifths, tenths

Hints and Tips

Our familiarity with the metric system and decimal currency may seem to have made calculations with fractions less important but in many ways, it is more convenient to use common fractions in everyday life.

It is unlikely that we would ask for a 0.5 pint of milk, rather than a half pint.

Also it is easier to cut material into one third of a metre rather than 0.333!

Essential Prior Knowledge

Know that division can be done by sharing and grouping.

The fraction depends on the number of groups the whole is shared into.


Fractions are about dividing numbers or shapes. Dividing is sharing and grouping. Does that change the fraction?

Remind your child of dividing by Sharing and Grouping and, taking the small objects from Green Fractions 2, try sharing and grouping to find out if it makes any difference to the outcomes. 

Do the same activities as Fractions 2 but this time group the objects into 2 for halves; 4 for quarters etc

Use the number sentences your child wrote in Green Fractions 2 to check.