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Developing: Percentages


percentage per cent, (100%)

hundredth part

parts out of 100

Hints and Tips

In everyday life percentages are used at least as often as fractions or decimals to describe parts of a whole.

It is important that the concept is introduced gradually in relation to fractions and decimals.

Before introducing percentages. it is important that your child has a grasp of simple fractions up to a whole one.


Essential Prior Knowledge

Know 100% is the whole.


You will need a number of 100 squares. These can be downloaded from Twinkl (see link) or 100 squares can be made from squared paper.

100 Square

Talk about the word percent. Does your child have any idea what the word means? Per = for every; cent = 100. Find some other derivatives of the word, e.g. centurion, century, centimetre and link these to 100.

100 squares make up the whole one hundred square. Each small square is a fraction of the large, whole square. Ask your child to work out what fraction of the whole square is one small square.

Remind him/her (if needed) that it is 1 square out off 100 squares so ⅟₁₀₀ and 1 percent means having 1 out of every 100 and it is written like this 1%.

Return to the resource created in Green Introducing Percentages and mark the percentages next to the shapes.

Ask your child what he/she notices when the percentages are added up for each hundred square.