Trainee Teachers

We believe our website gives reliable maths subject support for non-specialist primary maths teachers and those still in training. 

Our Rainbow Ladder maths activities could be used as a resource for teaching across the primary maths curriculum.

We are currently working on a Trainee Teacher tab for the general site menu, which will include hints and tips for teaching for maths mastery and also a Specialist Forum, which will be available only to those registered on the site as Trainee Teachers. On the Forum you will be able to ask for advice from us (Anne and Pam) and also from other forum members about maths and also any general educational matters.

If you are a non-specialist primary maths teacher or trainee our website is what you need. For £3.49 a month or £29.99 if you sign up for a full year, you will get full access to all areas of our site. Including 24 hour (at the latest) replies to individual questions by email.

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How Children Learn

Zone of Proximal Development

The Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD) describes the area between a child’s level of independent performance (what he/she can do alone) and the child’s level of assisted performance (what he/she can do with support).


How Children Learn

Common Questions About Maths

We have tried to answer questions here that we have been asked by many parents in the past.


Rainbow Ladder Maths

Developing: Percentages

You will need a number of 100 squares.

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