Our website has been designed for you to find the help you may need to be able to fully support your primary age child understand the maths he or she is learning in school. It is not intended for use by children but to give you the tools you need to be sure that you are doing the 'right thing'.

Perhaps you need help with the current maths vocabulary; perhaps you need help to recall the maths you learned at school or perhaps you want to know what your child should be learning and when he/she should be learning it.

When you are supporting maths homework our website is what you need. For £3.49 a month or £29.99 if you sign up for a full year, you will get full access to all areas of our site. Including 24 hour (at the latest) replies to individual questions by email.

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Misunderstandings My Child May Have

Understanding Money

When using money suddenly instead of one object representing one thing, now one coin can represent more than one thing.


Misunderstandings My Child May Have

Number Bonds

Your child will learn his/her number bonds to ten in KS1.


Kitchen Table Maths

Maths all Around Us - A Country Walk

This video shows how opportunities for maths language and thinking are all around us.


Maths that Helps Me Help my Child

Fractions of a Number

In our experience, most children struggle to grasp this concept.


Teaching Objectives

Fractions (including Decimals and Percentages)

Fractions is a topic that your child will experience during each year of their primary school career.


How Children Learn

Maths for Mastery (Bar Model (Singapore) Maths)

Bar Model Maths, or Singapore Maths, is a system developed in Singapore that has been endorsed by the Department of Education Maths Hubs (NCTEM) for teaching in UK schools.


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