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Welcome to our Rainbow Ladder Maths program.

There are hundreds of graded activities for you to use for maths at home. Each activity sheet has a list of the appropriate vocabulary along with hints and tips from us.  These will help you be sure you are 'saying it right'.

If you are looking for worksheets to keep your children busy, you are in the wrong place. If however you want to make sure your child continues to learn maths in a meaningful way,, while he or she is at home you are so in the right place.

Below there are a few of the hundreds of pages available to you when you subscribe. We have selected pages on one topic so that you can see progression through the levels. Each area of maths shows similar progression as your child rises through the ladder.

When you are leading your child with maths our website is what you need. It costs £3.49 a month or £29.99, if you sign up for a full year, for each Home Educating family. This gives you the opportunity to use our RLM with up to 5 children. You will get full access to all areas of our site. Including 24 hour (at the latest) replies to individual questions by email from Anne and Pam.

Take a sneaky peek...

Rainbow Ladder Maths

Introducing: Fractions (Halves)

While preparing food, give your child the opportunity to cut or share food into halves.

Rainbow Ladder Maths

Expanding: Fractions 2 (Finding Fractions of a Number)

Fractions of a Number-video       Fractions of a Number-poster Watch the video prior to introducing this activity to your child.

Rainbow Ladder Maths

Developing: Fractions 3 (Comparing to division)

Fractions are about dividing numbers or shapes.

Rainbow Ladder Maths

Mastering: Fraction, Decimals and Percentages (Linking)

Discuss with your child how he/she has been linking Fractions, Decimals and Percentages.

Rainbow Ladder Maths

FAQs about Rainbow Ladder Maths

How do I use RLM? Our program is designed to be flexible and fit in with the needs of you and your child.


Rainbow Ladder Maths

Expanding:Fractions( Comparing Fractions)

You will need a copy of a fraction wall to play this game 

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