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FAQs about Rainbow Ladder Maths

How do I use RLM?

Our program is designed to be flexible and fit in with the needs of you and your child. It is intended to be used by you to support your efforts to lead your child with his/her maths. If you want a robust maths curriculum for your child then this is it. If you want ideas of mathematical activities to work on with your child, then this is it.  If you want to use our hints and tips but do your own activities, then this is it. 

How are the activities grouped in RLM?

We have grouped the activities under the following headings at each level:



All Kinds of Measure


Position and Direction

Skills that Need Constant Practice

Are topics covered in more than one level?

Because of the progressive nature of mathematics topics appear in a number of levels.  New topics are introduced in each level. We have used the following method of identifying where an activity fits within the specific topic continuum.

Introducing: This means this is the first time the particular topic has been covered within the ladder program

Developing: As each topic develops a number of activities may be named developing to show the upward progression of the tasks. Each of these activities builds on the ones already completed.

Expanding: Topics with this in their title, give a greater width of knowledge of the particular concept. That is they expand and deepen knowledge rather than make an upward progression. 

Mastering: These activities are designed to show you if your child fully understands the particular concept.

Practising: These activities give your child the opportunity to keep knowledge and skills sharp.

Do we have to study the activities in a specific order?

Within these groupings some activities are numbered. It is important that you study these activities in numbered order, as each one relies on understanding of the concepts that have come before.

We have listed the activities under each heading in an order we feel best supports learning. However, you may choose an order you feel would be more appropriate to your child and your circumstances.

Do the activities have to be done in a certain time?

There are no timings for any activity this is so that you and your child are free to spend as long a time on each activity as you feel necessary.

We would like you to take our suggestions and do whatever you feel, for example; split the activity over a number of days; spend 15 minutes on it one day and be finished or come back to the activity after a week.

Is this all the maths I have to do with my child?

Our program shows you the concepts vital to produce a competent mathematician. You, as your child's educator, are best placed to develop and extend our ideas appropriately for your child.

It is important for you to broaden your child's experiences until you feel he/she understands the concept. This broadening can take place anywhere your child is comfortable working.

Do we do one level each year?

We have included levels in our program in order for you to see a progression in all the topic areas.  These levels are not intended to relate to any age in particular but to be seen as a continuum of study.

You and your child can take as long as you need to complete each level. Understanding of the concepts in each level is the key. Move your child on when you feel your he/she is competent at the level he/she is studying. Each level builds on the work done at the levels below.

What can I do if I am unsure about the maths my child is studying?

The rest of our site is full of support for adults who work with children and maths. Do a search on there for any topic you are a bit rusty at.

If you do not find resources there to help you then go to the Forum section. Maybe there is a discussion there that may help.

If you still are unsure please email us at and we will get back to you with our answers within 24 hours.